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SOLD: RaRumba – 2006 Canadian Warmblood Gelding by Radjah Z (Ramiro) and out Rumba trot in clinicwebof a First Premium Mare, (Mazurka, Major Won/Colibri), consistent producer of First Premium foals and performance horses.  Ra-Rumba will continue his shoRarumbaJump_thw career, in the Calgary and U.S. show Circuit.  This horse has tremendous potential, truly a superior horse. Currently showing strong at 1.3 M with new owners in B.C.





2007 Connemara / Welsh Pony. Just under 13.2hh. Has been going consistently under saddle, including regular over fences training. By Connemara Stallion Aeden and out of a fantastic show and school Dommump2-thwebpony, Misty. Standing   13.2 hands, Dominique loves to jump and meets all jumps with the same great   form every time! She will be a very competitive show pony!  Under saddle for 2 years with professional  trainer,and now she is taking some juniors in lessons in preparation for the 2014 show season.  Dom has two years show experience, places  in her hacks and over fences.   She is a solid competitor, straight forward at the shows, will make a very competitive kids horse for a good junior rider. Dam shown at Spruce Meadows.  Please contact Val for more information,  available for lease or purchase. Has become a very steady mount, both over fences and on the flat.  Phone: 306-242-5099


Patricia   2005 Paint/Warmbood cross mare, eligible for   Canadian Warmblood Registry. Sired by Mr. Faceman Pattisignsofsummer2014(Paint Overo) out of Ebon’s   High Fashion (Highlight by Argus – Grand Prix Dutch Warmblood Stallion). Standing 15.2 hands, Patricia has a great natural rhythm, good engagement from behind, and has very correct hunter-type  jumping form.  Patricia really connects  with her rider, a hard worker, and has great ground manners.  She is used in regular lessons and has become a barn favourite!  She loves to jump, has no stop, wants to do the lines! Athletic, willing and always wanting  to please!  Very solid under saddle, reliable, but needs a sensitive thoughtful rider with good hands; this mare will do 120 percent for you. A real treat!



Junebug  2009 Paint/Warmblood cross mare.  SOLD.    Eligible for Canadian  Warmblood Registry, by paint stallion JuneBecky-thFinnegan and out of Ebon’s  High Fashion (Highlight by Argus – Grand Prix Dutch Warmblood Stallion).  Standing  exactly 16 hands, with a good sized body,  she is well broke, quiet and confident.  Pictures do not do her justice.   She is very relaxed and easy to work with on the ground.  Junebug has smooth gaits, easy to  sit, good jumping form.   Kind and quiet horse. We are super pleased with June’s new owner, they are a great match!








SOLD: Frasier  2007 Canadian Warmblood gelding by Freestyle   and out of a first premium mare (Mazurka, Frasier jump 2015-thMajor Won/Colibri).  Standing  17 hands, with expressive and correct gaits  and very balanced canter.  This horse will be an upper level dressage horse, very willing, super quiet, and amateur friendly. Hacks out, did overnight trail ride with owner. Good dressage foundations, could be a good equitation horse, a very talented with his uphill conformation,  natural balance and rhythm.   Wants to please. Showing strong in 2015  summer jumpers series with division championships. (Frasier is out of the same dam as Ra-Rumba CT) Currently competing in Equitations in Western USA.

Mazurka 1997 Canadian Warmblood Double Premium mare,  is one of our favourite school horses, she can pack green riders around the ring, but also teach them to manage upper level dressage movements and jumping, but only if you ask correctly!!! Not for sale, leasing option and lesson horse. Her babies include Ra-Rumba CT and Frasier CT.

ctPenny and Mazurka-th









London Fog

15 hand sweetheart! Great safe and kind mare who recently joined the program.  Currently on full lease.   Not for sale.  London is super sweet, and has a full dance card! We are lucky to have her!LondonBrook-th








Misty (13.0 welsh pony)

Sadly we lost Misty this summer, she taught many riders their first posting trot and canter. We will very much miss her and her legacy. We still have her daughter Dominique, an advanced pony for an ambitious rider. Loves to jump, with show experience.

Brooklyn and misty-th







We also have  Lady and Junebug  ( Fjords) who round out our lesson program. They are safe, quiet, but makes their riders ride correctly! We are lucky to have these threes  horse on loan to us from our neighbours, so they are not for lease or sale and may only join us within a lesson construct.

New to us is Tucker, a super minded black and white paint gelding. He is a really great guy with the kids, calm and quiet, loves attention.

ctsarah and Tina-th




Copper T Warmblood Stables Horses are:

**Sired by approved and inspected stallions, Canadian Warmblood and Connemara, and only out of registered and inspected broodmares.  **Identified at birth and inspected by certified breed judges, handled and imprinted at birth if possible, halter broke, taught to tie, be groomed and have feet trimmed at a young age, lightly round penned.  **Socialized with other horses in group turnout, accustomed to stall confinement for short periods, allowed safe large turnout.  **Receive regular hoof trimmings and dental care, regularly vaccinated, including intranasal flu and strangles, dewormed, including West Nile since 2002.  **Trained in Classical Dressage Method and taken to local shows for experience.  **Located on an 80 acre property, just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

More recently we have Tucker, a super cute paint gelding  introduced Encina to the lesson program, and super pleased with how she LOVES attention. And most recently we introduced “007” to the lesson program. He has become a big favorite!


Currently under training is Boomer, a 16.1 hh 2011 bay Warmblood gelding by Banderas out of Mazurka. Starting over fences as of November 2015. He is a super athlete, sensible and confident, and wants to please! Will be offered for sale as his training progresses.

Pictures to follow!

Sale horses may be seen in greater detail with additional photos at http://www.breederdirect.net