Feb 222013

Regular riding lessons take place all year for all levels of riders.  Absolute beginners wishing to take advantage of the “10 week program”  reduced pricing, may join the next full “Learn to Ride” 10 week program  with a full complement of stable management classes (usually Monday evenings).    An “Introduction to Horses” will also be offered on Saturdays for Horse Enthusiasts 9 years of age and under starting April 21st, 2018. (6 week program Six week Booking Agreement 2018)  Advanced deposits of $100 are required to save a spot. 10 week Booking Agreement Jan 2018

An Assessment or Introductory lesson may be booked by calling 306-242-5099, or emailing valsanford@hotmail.com  All levels welcome. We have over 10  school horses of varying types and levels, from small ponies to large warmblood show horses with experience in the hunter, jumper and dressage arenas. We have several excellent English Instructors who are Certified with Equine Canada, a certified Vaulting Coach and two EAL Instructors.

Experienced Riders interested in leasing a horse on a monthly basis may contact Val for availability and cost. Pricing starts at $130 per month.

Adult only classes also available at beginner to intermediate level.

For those new to the sport, what to wear?

* layers so you can be warm during the cool evenings or in the barn after your lesson

*a boot or shoe with a one inch heel (called paddock boots)

*long pants which are snug but not too tight.  Jeans are fine, so long as there is no back pocket “bling” decoration (this will scratch the saddle)  with minimal inside seam is recommended.

*gloves are recommended but not necessary, we will provide you with a safety approved helmet.

*water on site is from a well, but potable, however feel free to bring your own if you wish!

We teach in a large indoor riding arena,  in weather no colder than minus 15 degrees, not including wind chill. Check the home page for local temperatures. We head out to teach in one of several outdoor riding rings as soon as weather permits.

Email: valsanford@hotmail.com  Phone: 306-242-5099

Feb 142013
This September 2017 we hosted Hendrik Gaebel from Gottingen Germany, Reit Master and Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association Stallion Inspector.  As part of this year’s Inspection he will visit Saskatoon and provide riders with a dressage clinic and education.  Contact Val Sanford to book a spot in his next clinic, space is always limited.   valsanford@hotmail.com or 306-230-5823

We regularly  host  Advanced Clinicians and in the past, Trailer loading 101 with Dr. Kate Robinson and Wayne Ward, Riding from the Ground up – with Wayne Ward, ground work with Wendy Walker, and  Carine Cudmore King Johns Hunter/Jumper (coming again in spring 2018), Sandy Alexander (BC) Hunter/Jumper,  Chute Jumping Theory & Practice – Lisa Longtin, Val Sanford and Wayne Ward, Zuzanna Schrammova – Riding with your Mind, Wendy Walker Ground Handling, Skye Walker (Holland) Jumper, Hendrik Gaebel – (Germany) dressage and jumping and vaulting with Dr. Trisha Dowling.