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Mar 052013

2017 Summer Riding Camps – Full for 2017

Email valsanford@hotmail.com or Call 306-242-5099 to book a spot for 2017. Early bookings are recommended and a $100 deposit is all that is required. Ages 8 – 14.  All full.

I   Intermediate Camps,  with Katryna. This camp requires  riding experience and the ability  to tack up independently. It will build on the Riders’ current level, and progressing from there. Minimum age is  10 yrs.

II – Absolute Beginner (only two camps this year for this level) – riders with little or no experience, with Katryna and Val Minimum age is 9 years. Exact dates see sign up sheet and  will take place Monday through Friday in the months of  July/Aug 2017

IV –  Adult only Weekend 3 Day Spring Riding Camp. All adults, with some experience, should be able to trot independently in the arena to join this group. Really great for confidence building.  Spring 2017. Complete.

$100 deposit is required to save your spot, $50 of which is refundable if you cannot participate.

Week day camps run from 9 am to 4:30 pm (advanced drop off and late pick up available, at a small fee for our daycare providers) Be prepared to ride twice a day! Helmets are provided, riders should bring boots with a one inch heel. Participants should bring a hearty lunch, and lots of water to drink (or a container for water), layered clothing, bug spray and sunscreen! Family discount available for siblings attending same camp.
Outside horses are welcome with Negative Coggins test. You must clean your own stall and provide feed and water. If you need a horse for your camp experience please talk to Val so we can arrange a good match!

5 day Week camps: $450  plus GST

Equine Canada Rider Level Testing will be offered this summer.    The test day will be open to outside participants.  Contact us if you wish to test but not partake in the camp, attending with your outside Instructor.  Advanced preparation for this testing is mandatory (not necessarily with us), speak with your Instructor directly about the pre-requisites.

If you do not quite meet the entry criteria for these camps you may take individual lessons in preparation. Please contact Val Sanford to make advanced arrangements.


Feb 222013


The next full “Learn to Ride” 10 week riding program begins in September, with a full complement of stable management (usually Monday evenings).    An Introduction to Horses will also be offered on Saturdays for Horse Enthusiasts 9 years of age and under. (6 week program)  Advanced deposits of $100 are required to save a spot. Regular weekly lessons also take place for intermediate and advanced students who may take advantage of the 10 week reduced pricing.

The next 10 Week Program Week Starts September 9th to 15th as Week # 1

(No lesson week of Thanksgiving, October 7 – 14) and finishing November 18th with a make up week November 25th (week 11, which you may take as an additional riding lesson).

We will host a Fun Schooling Show Fall Wrap Up Saturday December 2nd .

Group lessons are $50 plus GST for 1 hour in duration when taken in the 10 week program. Stable management is $100 for all 10 sessions.

Monday: Katryna*

5:00 – 6:00 Stable Management

6:30 – 7:30 GROUP #1

7:30 – 8:30 GROUP #2

Tuesday: Katryna*


exact time TBA GROUP #1

exact time TBA GROUP #2

exact time TBA GROUP #3

8:00 pm

Wednesday: Katynra*


exact time TBA GROUP #1

exact time TBA GROUP #2

exact time TBA GROUP #3

8:00 pm

Thursday: Val

5:45 – 6:30 PRIVATE

6:30 – 7:30 GROUP Intermediate

7:30 – 8:30 GROUP or PRIVATE

Friday: Lease day

430 – 730 pm Supervised youth lease riding

Ask your Instructor if you are eligible to lease a horse and practice ride on Friday evenings

Saturday: Val and Julie* alternate

1:00 Val/Julie alternate GROUP – beginners

2:00 Val/Julie alternate GROUP – beginners


4:00 Val adult jump lesson GROUP

Sunday: Val

9:15 PRIVATE –


11:00 GROUP –

12:00 GROUP – Beginners

*Katryna and Julie also have some day time availability. Contact us directly.

If you would like to join us please let us know as soon as possible so that we may set aside a horse and a spot just for you! Let us know your time and day preference and we will do everything possible to make that arrangement.

We will need a $100 deposit to guarantee your place.

Weekly riding lessons may be booked by calling 306-242-5099, or emailing valsanford@hotmail.com  All levels welcome. We have a variety of school horse types and levels, from small ponies to large warmblood show horses with experience in the hunter, jumper and dressage arenas. Instructors are Certified with Equine Canada.

Adult only classes also available at beginner to intermediate level.

Lesson Prices start at $40 + GST

Privates may be arranged  prior our 10 week programming, and as riders progress, they may join groups of  a similar level.  Intermediate riders should contact us about exemption from the stable management and attend an assessment lesson to see which group they are most suited to join.

Click here for 2017-sign up sheet: Lesson Booking Sheet 2017 or call Val 306-242-5099. A deposit of $100 is required to save a spot.

The stable management sessions will teach and allow the Riders to practice the skills necessary to prepare and look after their horse for riding. Stable management is $20 per session plus GST and usually runs weekly on Monday evenings. Price reduction available  in cases where riders are taking weekly lessons.

For those new to the sport, what to wear?

* layers so you can be warm during the cool evenings or in the barn after your lesson

*a boot or shoe with a one inch heel (called paddock boots)

*long pants which are snug but not too tight.  Jeans are fine, so long as there is no back pocket “bling” decoration (this will scratch the saddle)  with minimal inside seam is recommended.

*gloves are recommended but not necessary, we will provide you with a safety approved helmet.

*water on site is from a well, but potable, however feel free to bring your own if yu wish!

We teach in a large indoor riding arena,  in weather no colder than minus 15 degrees, not including wind chill. Check the home page for local temperatures.

Email: valsanford@hotmail.com  Phone: 306-242-5099