July 2020

Copper T Warmblood Stables current Programming with COVID restrictions.

We can now offer both private, semi private and hopefully by fall, small group lessons at the stables. Lesson Riders enter through the private Box 40 Gate, park behind the small white building and come half hour before your lesson to tack up. Leasers and Boarders use the commercial entrance.

We will have a COVID safety information package for you to review and a place to sanitise your hands. All riders should stay in assigned marked areas. ( north two stalls of barn, shed beside barn is tack area)

Our monthly private ($65 plus gst) and semi private ($60 plus gst) are running now as we are able to organize students, horses, arena schedule and Instructors, and soon as we are able will add small groups at $55 plus Gst. I’m sorry that we cannot offer 10 week programming at the moment.

Please refrain from bringing any extra friends or family members. We are not allowed spectators. Yay riding again!!! We are unable to offer riding camps at this time due to COVID restrictions.

Program Classes

Riding Lessons, beginner to advanced, aged 6 and up. Riders under 9 years may partake in an “Introduction to Horses” class which is set up specifically for the young rider in mind. (currently not available with COVID Restrictions)

The one  hour long Horsemanship Sessions run weekly, and are required for all riders who are still learning to care for and  tack up their horses independently. Riders with more experienced are invited to challenge their Rider Levels, Programming currently running in  2020.

Booking Agreement effective Sept. 1, 2019

We have a number of excellent school horses for beginner to advanced riders;  hunters with show experience and dressage horses.

Outside Clinicians attend for continuing educational process and for our more advanced riders including Hendrik Gaebel, Lauren Bamford, Jennifer Parks DVM, Wendy Walker,  and in spring 2019, Ruth Presley McKay provided an Eventing Clinic on our new cross country course.

There are three large outdoor sand riding rings, a 60 foot round pen, and an indoor (70 x 148) riding arena giving lots of training and riding spaces.  Heated barn with box stalls and tack room. The indoor arena has a dust free topping with sand and “Reiten Right” yoga matting surface, and four new stalls and cross ties for tacking and grooming horses.

Please note we offer separate lessons for adults, from absolute beginners to advanced riders. We offer a supportive and confidence building atmosphere. 🙂 We take a limited number of valued Boarders; at the moment we are full.

We attend Provincial “A” rated by the Saskatchewan Horse Federation.

Advanced Clinics  details here: http://www.coppertwarmbloodstables.ca/new/?p=201

Riding Program sign up sheet here: 10-Wk prgm short Pkge

Watch the 5 minute overhead video tour of the stables: https://youtu.be/AiJynOxsHck

Current Newsletter: February 2020 newsletter_Rev

Previous Newsletter: February 2018 newsletter_Rev

All new horses visiting must present a negative coggins test and be from a low risk boarding facility (IE. a boarding facility which requires all horses to present negative coggins during vector season).  If you would like more information please visit the current publications from the CFIA:

http://www.saskhorse.ca/Download/HealthWelfare/Biosecurity/EIA/A_Report_on_the_Work_of_the_Equine_Infectious_Anemia_(EIA)_Working_Group_(E).pdf  Detailed  pamphlets  and more  information about the disease and its potential impact is available.  There have been recent SK outbreaks and it is more important than ever to use the testing methods currently available to us. All of our horses are coggins tested, we would be designated an “A” level site by Saskatchewan Horse Federation.  Horses at our site do not attend those sites which allow horses on premises that are not tested.